Courses I - X

               Each course has a duration of  5 consecutive days

                               only 2 courses to be taken per year

                                 Inquiries to host welcome 

A Basic Introduction to Spiritual Psycho-Therapy:


A look at 'man' physical and non -physical; visible and invisible

healing practices, Atma ( true self) ©

The Nature of Being:


Conscious & Subconscious Mind

Esoteric Philosophy & Mysticism

Evolution of personality & character ©

Soul - Spirit - Ego:


A more mystical course;


Our identity and individuality become clearer ©



Philosophy and Meditations


The meditational ability deepens;  the practical mystic is being forged ©

The Many States of Being & Colour Therapy:


The student begins to become the teacher;

 - we become  a true representative of all the things we know

 - a deep sense of belonging develops ©

Cosmic Studies:


Higher Attunement 

Spiritual character structure

Thought ©

Master Class 1:


How to - 

See draw and interpret the aura 

Atune to inspiration and channelling ©

Master Class 2:


Healing with the Ascended Masters

Training in Mental Mediumship and channelling ©

Master Class 3:


The Universe and beyond

 Chakras ©



Mysticism - True Spirituality - The Occult ©

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