I am delighted to also offer the following 1 and 2 day workshops: 


 Crystal Ball:


​A very hands on popular practical workshop.

Incorporating; tips and techniques to help you to utilize your crystal ball reading ones self and others, clearing of the Crystal Ball, energetic connection to the Crystal Ball, discovering which type suit you best, water readings and much more...©


 Intuition & Spirit Guides:

An exploration into what we are capable of.

Explore how it may be possible to enhance and tune into our whole being - physical and non physical.

Introducing methods which aim to link to our helpers and guides who aid us quietly on our journey. ©


 Earth & Other Realms:

A fascinating peep at what surrounds us.

The possible realities in Myths and Legends.

The seer awakens. ©

 Healing with Colour:

Feeling low...have a bit of the 'blues'..?

Discover how much colour can influence our lives, transform our moods, well-being and environment.

Colour Healing therapies.

A Practical experience. ©

 Healing with Wands & Crystals:

The use of wands and crystals in Magic and mystery , fantasy and reality cross and intermingle in this practical and exploratory investigation into factuality or fabrication?

Healing applications explored. ©

 Healing with Sound & Voice: ​

This is an interactive experimental workshop where you are invited to bring your snip bits of sound and voice that you may know to share with everyone present. Deepen your understanding of the vast and fascinating world of sound.

Guest professional practitioner/s will lead most of this experience in ancient and modern techniques using different tones and vibrations produced by various methods. ©

Tree Wisdom:

Myths , folklore and practicalities.

The healing power of  Trees explored through their Magic, Inspiration, Custom and Legend. ©

Dowsing a Practical Experience: 

History and uses of dowsing of old and in the modern world.

Learn methods of dowsing with different tools that can be utilised and integrated into our everyday lives.

A captivating practical aid. © 

...dates and venues to be announced. 

...previous venues e.g. Aberdare, Pontarddulais, Ammanford, Rossendale,           

ALL requests to hold Workshops and Courses in other locations will be considered.

For further details, general inquiries and payment method please indicate your interest via my contact page.