Spiritual Psycho-therapeutics

Spiritual Psychotherapy is based on the fact that within creation all things are whole and perfect - any imperfections which appear are the effects of misapplied natural laws which govern the rhythms and harmonies of balanced life.

In each course there flows healing to the body, mind and spirit depending upon your increasing attunement.


The course content and atmosphere has the possibility of penetrating into the third dimensional self, aura and chakras to create an additional cloak of protection.

All levels of the whole person can be improved and strengthened.

Spiritual psychotherapy is very wide and comprehensive in its practise. No source of natural healing is left untapped. Therefore instruction in well-balanced living, the avoidance of excess in any form and a practical acceptance of medicine and treatment in right perspective is encouraged for all therapies embrace some aspect of truth and have  a contribution to make.

There are 10 courses which must be taken in sequence starting with Course I. No preliminary qualification is required for course 1 but it is recommended to submit your thesis after this and each succeeding higher course before proceeding to the next one. You will be helped by sufficient dictation.

To write a Thesis can increase your attunement concentration  meditational and intuitional ability.

It is to be noted that only 2 courses can be taken per year.